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Part 3 of 3 of our blog: Kitchen Trends - What's out in 2023

In our final installment, we will explore the final kitchen trends that seem to be trending out in 2023.

Trend #9 - Contemporary Aesthetics

It seems we are going to be seeing a lot more color in the kitchen in 2023. Think lots of rich colored hues, like dark greens, blacks, and even deep earth tones. Don't be surprised to see merlot colored cabinets, and countertops with more character, like beautifully veined marble.

Trend #10 - Farmhouse-Style Kitchens

Believe it or not, farmhouse-style kitchens will no longer be on-trend in 2023 with the same type of simplicity. For 2023, we will be seeing a more revamped version of the farmhouse kitchen, with a lot more character and personality added in.

Trend #11 - Tile Backsplashes

It seems patterned tile backsplashes are beginning to become less preferable. Patterned or mosaic wall tile can create a busy aesthetic and look overwhelming. Opt for a solid slab stone to match the countertops for a calm, simple look. You can also have fun with cabinetry paint colors instead of a too busy backsplash, to make your kitchen more unique to you.

Trend #12 - Cold, Ultra-Modern Designs

The 2023 prediction is that cold modern elements such as glossy finishes and sharp edges will be replaced by warmer, cozier styles. Kitchens are now trending cozier and warmer, so designers are staying away from glossy finishes and sharp edges. We are shifting to more curved islands, wood tones, and interesting use of textures. Honed and leathered stones are replacing the glossy slabs, and more daring colors are being incorporated into the designs.

The Bottom Line...

The bottom line is, if you plan to sell soon and need to upgrade your kitchen, then following the trend would make sense. But if you are already in your forever home or plan to stay in this home for 10 – 15 more years, then we recommend remodeling your kitchen in whatever way will bring a smile to your face each day when you come down for your morning coffee.

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