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Bathroom Remodeling Trends: What’s In and Out For 2024


Your bathroom should feel like a retreat, and if it’s full of outdated trends, it definitely won’t be a space where you want to begin and end your day. Your bathroom remodel should feel fresh, sophisticated, and high-end, so be sure to avoid these outdated bathroom trends. Are you wondering what’s in and what’s out for 2024 according to designers and homeowners? Let's find out!


Out With: Monochromatic - All White or All Gray Everything

The popularity of monochromatic white or gray bathrooms has been on the downtrend for the past few years, but in 2024, they will be completely behind us. Now you will be able to celebrate your personal style with color! Greens and blues are top bathroom favorites, but also experiment with neutral pinks and even black. When you coordinate these colors with natural wood tones, you’ll create a truly personalized space that’s sophisticated and stylish.

Need help visualizing that? Well, imagine a natural wood vanity with a bright white quartz countertop, deep forest green tile on the shower walls, and a textured warm beige wallpaper for the room walls. Your bathroom is the perfect place to play with more colors and patterns, so work with our designers to find the right combination for your style.


Out With: Prefab Cabinetry

Standard, factory-made cabinets? Not in 2024. Home remodelers like us are seeing a surge in demand for completely custom storage solutions. After all, every homeowner has different needs, so your storage in the bathroom should accommodate that. Today’s bathroom cabinets come with hidden outlets, slide-out shelves, heat resistant compartments and hidden outlets for your styling tools, custom dividers, and more clever features made just for you. Working with Artisan Design Build, Inc, a design-build team, can lead to a remodel that's not just beautiful, but truly functional for the entire family, with a custom-built place for every need.


 Out With: Builder-Grade Light Fixtures

While it may seem like choosing builder-grade light fixtures is a clever way to save on costs, lower grade light fixtures will actually bring down your overall aesthetic because they simply cannot match the quality and style of high-end fixtures. Light fixtures have a huge effect on the style of your bathroom, so it’s essential to consider opting for higher grade options in order to elevate your space. Designers suggest choosing a series of stylish pendants, high-end sconces, or a vintage statement fixture to transform your remodeled room into something spectacular.


Out With: Skipping Storage for Style

Pedestal sinks are classic and sophisticated. Floating sinks are sleek and stylish. However, neither offer the necessary storage families need in a bathroom. In 2024, embrace the union of style and convenience. Work with your design-build contractor to incorporate storage while focusing on a design that offers the streamlined and sophisticated feel a more minimal vanity could offer.


Out With: Large, Rectangular Wall Tiles

Large, rectangular wall tiling has remained the default go-to for a couple of decades now. While it might have seemed sophisticated and high-end at the time, it’s now a common staple in many homes and 2024 marks the end of that era. Going forward, opt for tiles that offer more personalization, like Zellige tiles, geometric Art Deco tiles, a return to penny tiles, and hand-stamped cement tiles. Incorporating more texture, interesting shapes, and bold colors allows you to reflect more of your personal style.


Out With: Ornate Vanities

Overly ornate millwork throughout your bathroom might feel overwhelming, especially in a space that may not be more than 200 square feet in size. The move to create spa-like retreats has pushed ornate bathrooms to the side, and that includes vanities with an abundance of millwork and details. Instead, choose simplicity on your larger bathroom features, and add special details into your space by choosing a finish to be the focal point. For example, choose a geometric tile for a statement wall behind your vanity, and balance the space with more minimalistic finishes and features elsewhere.


Out With: Oversized Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are still very desirable in primary, or master, bathrooms. However, even with a freestanding tub with a beautiful organic shape, you can choose a size that works for your bathroom’s floor plan rather than choosing a style that overwhelms the space. Today’s freestanding bathtubs also offer jet features as well as heated walls and other features that elevate your comfort and experience without overwhelming your space.


Your Beautiful New Bathroom

It’s true that outdated trends will make your bathroom feel tired and drab. So, when you're ready to remodel your bathroom(s), be sure to choose a design-build team that understands not only the current 2024 bathroom trends, but also recognizes the outdated trends you'll want to avoid. Contact Artisan Design-Build, Inc. where you’ll experience a seamless remodeling experience by working with our expert and knowledgeable in-house design experts. Schedule a free in-home consultation with us today to begin your bathroom transformation.

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