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Kitchen Trends: What's Out for 2023 ( Part 1)

We all know the expression, ‘the kitchen is the heart of your home’, right? But it’s not just an expression; it’s true!! Think about it; our kitchens are the space where we spend the most amount of time with family and friends, cooking, eating, gathering and even working. Not to mention that the right kitchen can add to the resale value of your home.

If you are thinking about making some changes to your kitchen or doing a complete renovation, it’s not a bad idea to check out what the proposed kitchen trends will be in 2023. This isn’t to say you should change your kitchen to what’s trending for the sake of following a trend. Personally, we feel following a trend could be advantageous only if you plan to sell it within a short period of time. We seriously believe, if you are going to be in your home for the next 10 – 15 years but you want to renovate, then design your kitchen in a style that makes YOU happy and don’t worry about what the trend is.

So now let’s see what is on the way out for 2023. Looking back, we know the all-white and farmhouse-style kitchens have been popular for many years now, but it seems homeowners, designers, and developers are starting to see a shift in kitchen styles. Elements that were once “must haves” have become “no mores.” Over the next few days, we’ll explore twelve kitchen design trends which seem to be going away in 2023 (well, according to the experts and interior designers.)

Trend #1 - All-White Kitchens

Some top designers in the industry are saying that all white everything is on its way out. For the past decade, we saw a lot of white walls, white tile, white cabinets and Carrera marble. But it seems that maybe people are tiring of these muted palettes, and designers are introducing color into the kitchen again. Most designers also agree that white-on-white kitchens will look dated in 2023.

So, what color will be the new white? It seems the newest kitchens will have two or three contrasting, complementary colors. There is a lack of depth and warmth sometimes with monochromatic kitchens. Adding the right complementary hues in a kitchen adds warmth to the area and while still managing to be timeless.

Sometimes it feels like everything old is new again and this seems to be the case with dark wood cabinetry making a comeback. For many years white oak cabinets were dominating the kitchen scene, but it seems we are going to start seeing more saturated palettes in kitchen design. The correct dark, warm brown cabinet is timeless and can be mixed with so many other fantastic finishes to make the look unique to you.

Trend #2 - Open Kitchens

Believe it or not, open floor plans and particularly open kitchens, are controversial topics in the design world right now. While it’s a practical choice for some, many homeowners have grown tired of this design choice in this post-pandemic world. If they have been living with an open floor plan, some homeowners are now building walls to separate their kitchens from their dining rooms. This more traditional style with the kitchen, dining room, and sitting room all compartmentalized seems to be coming back. Doing so allows you to curate unique spaces. But if you ask us, it sounds more like the “everything old is new again” theory like we mentioned earlier, right?

Trend #3 - Matte Black Hardware

While it seems matte black hardware was everywhere in 2022, expect to see less of it in 2023. Apparently, we have the home-flippers to thank for this. We think there is still room to appreciate matte black hardware for its minimalist nature, and the darker tones can add a subtle bit of masculinity to your kitchen.

So, what could you use instead? Designers recommend considering oil-rubbed bronze. There is also a prediction that we will see more polished nickel and chrome in the coming year.

Trend #4 - Upper Cabinetry

The days of standard closed upper cabinets will continue to dwindle, and you will be on-trend if you replace yours with open shelving. Beautifully styled open shelving will be all the rage in 2023. Doing away with upper cabinets is a great way to save money and create an opportunity to show off your personality by creating beautifully styled vignettes. You also may want to consider adding a custom pantry for storage.

But doing this right also means keeping it edited and uncluttered. Be sure to hide everything from dishes to appliances. Gone are the days of ceramics and cookbooks on display —the minimal, uncluttered look is in. To do it right, your cookbooks belong in the pantry and appliances should be hidden by cabinetry, all in order to obtain a zen, uncluttered look.

That's all for now...

Over the next few days we will continue sharing some more kitchen trends that are on their way out in 2023. Stay tuned!

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